New Door

When Hubby asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I said, “A new front door!” The old one was kinda ugly, and it wasn’t closing very well.

We looked and decided to wait and save our money for just a little longer.

A few weeks ago we found a great door at Lowe’s. It fit the opening for our door, and they could install it! Yay!

The week before they came to install it, the old door really gave up. It wouldn’t stay shut unless we used the dead bolt. Too many years under it’s thresh hold and too many new door knobs had really taken its toll!

Old door. Vet2Be said he will miss the old door. He really liked it.

New door! We still need to paint the trim, but it’s been a bit too cold.

I love that the door lets in lots and lots more light! I love that it latches when we shut it! And I love having something that looks cleaner and brighter on the front of the house.

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