New England Visit

Vet2Be and I were in New England last week. One of our daughters (and Vet2Be’s sister) lives there, and so does all of my extended family. We had a great visit in Massachusetts!

We walked the Freedom Trail. I wish someone had told me that the Freedom Trail was marked in the sidewalks! We didn’t realize we should follow the red bricks until halfway through our walk. Sheesh!

This little squirrel came running across the grass in the Boston Common. It must have said to itself, “Look! Tourists! They will FEED ME!” And we did!

Same brave squirrel!

Make Way for Ducklings! I have always wanted to see this statue in the Boston Public Gardens. 

Ducks in the Lagoon. 

 The Nor’easter hit while we were there. We were without power for only 3 hours. As of today, my two sisters still don’t have power. One owns a restaurant and this is the second time it has been without power due to storms since August. Kinda cuts into business!

We spent Halloween afternoon in Salem MA.

We didn’t go into the museum, but the building was so fun to look at from the outside!

We also visited the Concord Museum, Haystack Observatory, the New England Aquarium, and the American Textile Museum.

There were a few other places we wanted to visit (especially the Fruitlands Museum, but they were without power and closed.

We’ll save them for next time!

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