New Fencing

Things have been busy here. We are getting new fencing! Yay!

The old vinyl fencing was in horrible shape. The previous owners were told that it was ‘animal grade’ fencing. It wasn’t. But it took us a long time (15 years) before we were able to replace it.

This fencing, although not beautiful, will last for 50 years and be able to withstand horses and bucks!

New fencing! Drill pipe with wire panels welded on to them.

The pipes were sunk 3 feet into the ground. No animal is going to be able to move them! Okay, maybe an elephant, but we don’t raise elephants.

We have some great guys working on it since no one in our family can weld. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have gates on hinges instead of gates on bailing twine! Hoooray!!!

They have been working on the fence for about 2 weeks, hopefully it will be done by the middle of next week. Then we can put all the animals back where they belong. For now, I’m really glad we have the kind of animals we have. They are easy to move around and put together with each other.

The neighbor has to bring her horse down the road to another pasture every day and then bring him back every night. No fun at all!

Hooray for new fencing!!

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