New Goat Kids on the Farm

Shay had her kids last week! They are so cute. They were born on March 19th.

New goat kids get to stay in the stall with their mama goat for 4 or 5 days until they are running around a lot. I want them to always be able to find their mama goat. When they are very small, they don’t move very fast and can get lost.

I dried them off with a towel, and put sweaters on them.

It took them a few days to find the doghouse I have in the stall. It stays much warmer inside the dog house.

I like to make sure they stay warm because they seem to grow faster and stay healthier if they are warm.

One of the other things I do to keep the kids warm is to put sweaters on them for a few weeks. I have a knitting machine so it only takes about an hour to make a sweater.

Shay’s kids are doing well. They figured out where to find their food. Having enough to eat also helps them to stay warm.

Leia’s Kid

Leia only had one kid this year. It’s a big girl! She was born on March 26th.

She might not look that big to you, but she’s pretty big. The sweater is a bit tight on her!

Babies don’t move very quickly at first so we make sure that mama can’t go far until the babies are strong enough to follow her around.

Ruby had her babies on March 28th. She had 2 boys. She is my favorite goat because she is so sweet and gentle.

I came home from helping a friend early in the morning and found new babies! I was in the barn around 6:30 before I left and Ruby was fine, no babies.

When I got back a little after 11:00, there were two wet babies.

I dried them off and put sweaters on them so they would stay warm. It was really cold and rainy on Thursday!

Baby goats are so fun! When they get just a bit older they will run and jump and play just like human kids. They think that anything out in the barnyard is part of their playground.

Butting Heads and Broken Horns

Boys are sometimes a bit feisty. They like to play hard. That’s true with goats and sheep, too.

Abe decided to butt heads with Bramble the sheep. Bramble’s horns are a lot bigger than Abe’s horns. Guess who lost?

Yes, Abe lost his horn. He is an animal so he doesn’t really think about who is bigger than whom. Abe is fine. His head is a bit sore. His little horn will grow back, and hopefully he won’t be butting heads with Bramble again.

It looks a little nasty in photos, but Abe is really fine. He cleaned up well and doesn’t have an infection.

I think it’s just the spring weather that makes the boy sheep and goats a little energetic and feisty. Do you want to be outside playing in the spring, too?

Most of the time the three boys get along well. Once in a while they think it’s fun to play hard!

New Shelter

The sheep needed a shelter. They need a spot away from the mama goats. It’s always best to separate them when so many animals are getting ready to have babies.

We cleared all the garden boxes out of the pen to make room for the sheep. There are some small shelters for the babies when they get born, but nothing for the mama sheep.

We’re still having snow and rain, so they needed someplace out of the bad weather.

Yes, they have warm, wooly coats. I still like to have a place for them out of the wind and the rain, and a place to keep their food dry.

They have been very happy in their new shelter. We got a large tarp from Costco, and some fencing and T-posts from IFA.

Bryon, Matt, and Tim pounded posts and curved the fencing into a big hoop house. The tarp went on next.

The shelter does a great job keeping the wind and rain off the sheep, and it gives me a place to put their food so that it doesn’t get wet.

This weekend is a holiday for many people. If you are one that is celebrating this weekend, I hope you have a wonderful time.

I know many are also having Spring Break this week. I’ll be posting next Friday even if you aren’t in school. I hope you have a lovely week.

I have Spring Break this week, too. I won’t be teaching any guitar or ukulele lessons. I’ll be getting the farm ready for spring time and Farm Day. That much work might not sound like fun to you, but I’m really excited to get rid of the winter mess and prepare everything for spring.

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