New Kids 2017

Welcome back!

I know there are quite a few people enjoying Spring Break right now. I hope you are having a wonderful time while you’re on vacation.

We’ve been busy and so have our mama goats! We have 6 new goat kids. Serenity and River kidded at the same time. They both kidded on Monday evening.

We had a big surprise because Serenity had 3 kids. We’ve never had a first freshener have 3 kids. They usually have one or two. Smaller breed goats have more, but the big breeds don’t always have a lot of babies in one litter.

We dry off all the kids and put sweaters on them so they stay warm.
This is Serenity and her 3 kids.
She had two bucklings and one doeling.

Serenity looks so happy to have her kids close by her!
We keep the kids and mamas in a stall for about 2 days so the little kids don’t get lost. They can walk, but they can’t walk very well or very far, so it’s best for them to stay in a small area with their mamas.
We let the kids out when they start playing inside the stall. That’s when we know they are strong enough to find their mama when they need food. 

Misty had one kid on Tuesday night.
It was a rough birth because the kid was stuck.
She had one hoof forward, and one hoof back.
I had to pull her out!

We aren’t sure why Misty doesn’t have much milk this time. We are bottle feeding the baby. Misty is such a good mama that she taught her kid how to nurse anyway.

I thought you might like to see what it looks like when a goat has a baby. This is Serenity having her second kid.

The baby is fine, I had to turn off the camera and clean him off. He’s running around with all the other babies.

Annie hasn’t had her baby yet. She is due in May. Echo is due May 19 so we’re also looking forward to a new calf!

It’s been a busy week!

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