New Kids 2018

We had an exciting Spring Break!

River kidded with two goat kids on April 7th. One is a buckling named Brayden. The second kid is a doeling named Kayla.

We named them Brayden and Kayla after the neighbor children who love the goats. We love them, too! Kayla had a special day on Saturday because she got baptized. We came home from the meeting and found River having a baby! What a fun day for us!

This is what Brayden looked like right after he was born.

Babies are always wet and sticky after they are born. It doesn’t take very long before their mom cleans them off, and they try to stand up.

River is cleaning Kayla off.
The photo is looks red because we have a heat lamp on to keep the kids warm
until they are dried off.
Kayla is near the wall, Brayden is in the shavings.

We’re not sure why Brayden doesn’t like to eat from his mom like Kayla does. I don’t mind, I just feed him a bottle.


*     *     *     *     *     *

We’re also really happy that Chuck is getting more friendly. He’ll eat a treat out of my hand. He used to run away from everyone. It’s taken a lot of time in the stall with him so he will get used to me. I hope he’s really friendly by the time summer comes and we have a lot of visitors. Children and families always love to pet a calf!

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