New Kids!

Rosie finally ‘popped’! Yay! She was huge and we thought if she didn’t have kids soon she was going to burst. This is Rosie’s first kidding and all went well. In fact, it went so well that we missed it.

By the time Vet2Be went to do chores this morning he found two wet doelings already up and nursing. Rosie had already passed the placenta, too! (Yay for the right amount of copper/cobalt in their diet’s now!)

We brought out some towels and the blow dryer to finish drying them off, and then put on their little sweaters.

Probably toooooo many photos, but we are so excited with the first batch of kids!


It’s so nice to be here!

Lilly looks like she is smiling! She is wrapped up in an old towel waiting for her turn with the blow dryer. Lilly is the quiet one (so far).

Rosie, the mama. She is a S’nubian, Nubian mama and Saanen papa. She should give ALOT of milk this year!

Lilly waiting for her turn for the blow dryer. She loved being all snuggled up and warm in the towel. She almost went to sleep!

Rosie, the mama. She was born last spring and came out loving people!

Poppy is first with the blow dryer. She loved feeling the warm air all over her. The noise didn’t bother her one bit! Poppy is the noisy one!

Lilly’s turn! Ahhhhhh….. I think I could just sleep right here all day!

Poppy in her purple sweater.

Lilly in her red sweater.

All three are tucked into a stall by themselves for the day. The weather is nice, but we like to keep them all together for a day or two before we let them all out with the herd.

Three more goats to kid! Annie should be kidding out in the next week or so, and Janice (we call her the Grandma goat because she is the oldest and takes good care of all the babies!) should kid out within a month. Clover, the Nubian, will kid out in June. She mis-carried and then decided that she wanted to be bred again, so we consented and she was bred to the Saanen buck again.

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