New Lamb

Our friend started lambing season early. Not on purpose, the ram got in with a ewe early so there were early lambs! Our friend said the ewe didn’t like this little ewe, so she asked if Vet2Be wanted to bottle raise her. Of course he said yes!

She came yesterday afternoon and stayed in a large plastic storage tote all night near the wood stove. Vet2Be slept by her, he has always thought that would be great fun. He decided it really wasn’t any fun at all because the little lamb kept whining most of the night. Every two hours she cried until he fed her a little bit. Hopefully we will be able to get her out in the barn tonight. If she seems like she is eating well and staying warm today, then we will give it a try.

Sam and the new lamb
 Vet2Be trying to keep her a little quieter this morning 🙂

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