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Not Much Farmin’

I’ve been busy this summer helping around the neighborhood and working on some other projects. Not much farming or cheesemaking going on right now!

A set of 36 color cubes. Each cube has four solid colored sides (red, yellow, blue, white) and two dual colored sides (red and white, yellow and blue.) I’ve been wanting one of these since I saw a set here.

This table needed a new leg. I used my Kreg Jig Jr to build it. It’s the second project with the new jig and I’m excited to have more projects in mind!
These are some temporary shelf doors that cover some of the open shelves in my daughter’s 3rd grade classroom. She needed something to hide the stuff that has to be stored there. These were easy to ‘build’, the cost was minimal, and although they don’t completely cover the shelf, they make a big difference in calming the room down.

I’ll be posting a tutorial for the teachers at her school who want to make some of these. The teachers at this school are phenomenal! The administration…. not so much!

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