Old-fashioned, Non-electric, Changing Picture Cube!

This is one of the things we made for Christmas this year. It took some time, but it was lots of fun.

This is an Old-fashioned, Non-electric, Changing Picture Cube. It comes with 6 photos already installed!

The ones I made for my family had their family photos and photos of their kids on them. I snagged them all from FaceBook and their blogs so the puzzles were a big surprise!

Here is one of the sides, with a view of the lid and box we made for the puzzle. On the right are the ‘answer cards’ that have all the pictures (one on each side of the cards) that I laminated.

I bought 1 1/2″ wooden blocks from Woodworks Ltd. They had the best prices I could find on the internet and they shipped them really fast. I used my word processing program to size the pictures I found on the internet. I used my color printer to print out the pictures. I used a craft knife and quilting ruler to cut the pictures to fit the blocks. I used ModgePodge to glue the pieces of the pictures to the sides of the wooden blocks.

Here are a few more photos of the finished puzzle.

Here are the ‘answer cards’ to go with the puzzle in the photos.

The other side of the answer cards.

Here is the Halloween side of the puzzle with the answer card on the side.

Here is what the blocks look like pulled apart.

Here are all the blocks nestled next to each other–but they are not all part of the same ‘face’ of the picture. This is what it looks like when you turn the blocks one or two sides at a time from the Halloween picture above.

It turned out to be a great gift! I still have a few more puzzles to make. I’ll take photos and put up a tutorial the next time I do it. I just didn’t have time during the Christmas Season to do everything I wanted to do, so the blog got put on hold for a while.

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