Orange Blossoms

My friend gave me an small orange tree last fall that she had almost killed. She said that she always forgot to water it and that if I wanted to, I could try to save it.

I took on the project because my 2nd daughter (Spunky) loves trees and plants in her house. Her hubby didn’t really want it because RN’s plants tend to get bugs in the house.

I fertilized it once a month with Miracle Grow Azalea, Camellia, Rhododendron Plant Food (1 Tablespoon in 1 gallon of water). Wouldn’t you know that scrawny little tree shot out lots of new leaves! Within 2 months there were three times the amount of leaves!

We moved it outside in the spring and the leaves continued to grow. The scrawny little tree became a beautiful bush. The little tree is not in direct sun, it sits on the corner of the patio where it gets watered by the sprinkler every day and is in the shade of a maple tree. I think it gets direct sunlight for about 3 hours each day.

A few weeks ago we noticed lots and lots of tiny buds–so did the bees! We’ve been anxiously awaiting the blossoms and yesterday they began to open!

I can’t wait to see the honey bees all over it tonight. I wonder how many of those blossoms will turn into fruit.

The scrawny orange tree turned into a lovely bush. The fruit is very sour but they bright and cheerful to look at!

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