Oregon Trail Quilt: Indian Mats

Not my favorite block, but the name works in with Oregon Trail, that’s why they chose it. It looks quite a bit like Bear Paw, but the coloring is different and the ‘paw’ is solid on a Bear Paw. Here’s the link to my Bear Paw blog entry.

Photo of the finished blocks.
You should be able to click on the image above and then right-click and save as to your computer.

If it had been me picking the patterns for the quilt instead of the quilt store, I would have chosen this version of Indian Mats found at Quilter’s Cache. The rules of the “Free Block of the Month Class” are that you have to complete the quilt squares from the last month in order to get the kit for the next month for free.

I almost always get my blocks done, I think there has only been one time in 5 years that I haven’t. If I don’t particularly like the block pattern, then I don’t add it to the quilt. But I always do the block because I almost always learn something while I am working on it.

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