Petunia, the Cow, Visits the Vet

Petunia is my friend’s cow. She is a very nice milk cow.

She wasn’t feeling well earlier this week.

Sometimes cows get sick like humans get sick. Sometimes they just don’t feel good.

I’m lucky because I get to visit and help her and her owners, who are very nice people.

When you don’t feel well, an adult usually takes care of you and gives you things like cold medicine, or tylenol, or other things to help you feel better.

We did that with Petunia on Tuesday.

We gave her a shot of Vitamin B.

We gave her some Selenium and Vitamin E. We also gave her some dewormer, and some probiotics in case her stomach was bothering her.

By Thursday she still wasn’t feeling well, and she was limping on her back left leg very badly.

Ouch! That looks sore!

It was time to take Petunia to the veterinarian to see what was wrong with her leg.

You probably get into a car when you go to see the doctor. Cows do not fit in the back seat of a car. They ride in a trailer.

You’re doctor is probably very close by. We drove for about 40 minutes so Petunia could see her doctor. He’s a wonderful vet. We like him because he does a wonderful job with cows and horses.

Petunia has a cute nose!

The goal is to get Petunia out of the trailer and into the ‘exam room’ for cows. There is a special piece of equipment that holds her still so the vet can examine her.

Cows are very strong. If they are upset, they can hurt humans by accident if we aren’t careful. They don’t understand that the vet is trying to help them.

Petunia needs to get from the back of the trailer into the exam room through a bunch of fences that act like hallways. Once she gets to the end of the fence hallways, she ends up in a headgate.

The head gate can close and secure her head and neck so she doesn’t injure herself or the vet.

Cows are very strong. They get secured in this style of chute to keep themselves and others safe.

What a good cow! She was a little nervous about all this. It’s new to her! She was happy that her owner was in the front where she could see him.

The vet asked a lot of questions about Petunia’s health, and how she was acting.

Since she was limping so badly, he checked her sore foot first to see if there was an injury, or a rock, or an infection in her hoof.

Nope! No problem with her hoof!

He checked her ankle, and up her leg to see if there was an injury there.

He checked her lungs while the vet tech checked her temperature.

Petunia’s favorite person stood by her head to help her feel more comfortable during the exam. Does your mom or dad stay with you at the doctor’s office? It really helps!

Cows have noisy stomachs. Part of their stomach is called a rumen. It definitely makes noises! The vet uses the same stethoscope to listen to her stomach. He checks to see if it is making the right kind of rumen noises.

Her heart, lungs, rumen, and temperature were all fine.

The vet thinks that somehow Petunia must have slipped on a rock, or fallen down in her pasture and hurt her hip.

Her owner is going to bring in some sand, and make a smaller pen for her.

They will watch her and care for her for a few months and hope that the hip heals.

She always has the right food for cows. They will give her some extra special care to make sure that she has the chance to heal over the next few months.

When you get a hurt leg, you might have to rest in bed or on a couch.

It would be fun if you could draw a picture of a cow resting on a couch to heal. That doesn’t happen in real life. Cows need to move to stay healthy, and they can’t rest on the couch and watch a show.

I’ll try to keep you updated on how she is doing!

Best wishes on a speedy recovery, Petunia!

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