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Photos from the Farm #19

Welcome back!

Thank you for the questions. There were many good ones. Your writing is getting very good! I could read almost all the papers you sent!

Here is the first question, and the answer:

Do you understand my answer?

Very good question! I noticed the question mark at the end, too!
We feed the animals every morning and every night.
Sometimes we bring them treats from the house during the day.
Treats for the animals are things that you and I would throw away,
like stale cookies, apple cores, and banana peels.
The chickens like old lettuce and bread for treats.

Yes, we have birds.
Chickens are birds!
Chickens have feathers and wings so they are birds.
I think this chicken is very pretty. You have watched her grow up from a chick.
She was one of the chicks that hatched when you started First Grade.

Here is a video of her flapping her wings. Even though she has wings she can’t fly. She can flap her wings and get over fences, or scare other animals, but she can’t fly like a sparrow or a hawk.
Do you know of other birds that can’t fly?

The other question you asked was, “How many animals do you have?”

  5 does (female goats)
  2 bucks (male goats)
  2 cows
  4 ducks
  1 rooster
17 chickens
  1 sheep
  3 dogs
  2 house cats
  1 barn cat


Different breeds of chickens weigh different amounts, just like people weigh different amounts.
The chicken in the photo and the video will weigh about 6-7 pounds when she is full grown.
The little grey chickens we have weigh about 3 pounds.

Some chickens lay 5 or 6 eggs a week. Some chickens lay about 3 eggs a week.
The chicken in the video will lay 3 or 4 eggs a week when she is old enough.
She will start laying eggs in late March.

This chicken weighs about 7 pounds and lays about 4 eggs each week.

This breed of chicken weighs about 8 pounds, but she only lays 2 or 3 eggs a week.
We like this breed because they are gentle and sweet to be around.
We don’t mind that this breed  doesn’t lay many eggs because we like their personality.

Thank you for the questions!

Next week I will answer the questions you sent asking about how much the goats weigh, and why they have small mouths.

Have a good week!

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