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Photos from the Farm #20

Welcome back!

Wow! This is the twentieth week of posts!

That is a good question!

People get on a scale to see how much they weigh. We weigh goats differently. We don’t have a scale because scales for animals are very expensive. We have something called a ‘weight tape.’ It’s a tape measure that we put around the goat’s chest right behind their front legs. The spot behind their legs is called the ‘heart girth.’

Here’s what it looks like.

Penny weighs about 110 pounds. She will be a mommy in April!
She weighs a little more than two first graders.

We put her on the milk stand every morning. She doesn’t give milk yet, but we want her to get used to being up here.
Penny is about 24″ tall.
How tall are you?

We measure how tall a goat is by using a tape measure, just like your parents measure you. Your parents measure from the floor you are standing on to the top of your head. We measure the goats from the floor they are standing on to the top of their ‘withers’. Goats can move their heads up and down so we can’t get an accurate measurement if we measure to the top of their head.

Annie is a big goat! She weighs about 230 pounds. She is bigger than the tape measure so we have to make a good guess. She weighs about as much as 5 first graders!

Hi Annie! Annie will have her kids in April, too.
Annie is 31″ tall.

Clover is very old for a goat. She isn’t going to have kids this spring.

Clover weighs about 175 pounds. That is a little less than four first graders.

Clover is 27″ tall.

This is Misty. She is about 4 years old.

She weighs almost as much as her mother, Annie. Misty weighs about 220 pounds. She weighs a little bit less than five first graders.

She is about 30″ tall.

We don’t really know how much Echo weighs. She is a mini Jersey so she probably weighs about 400 pounds. That is almost the same as nine first graders!

She is about 43″ tall.

We don’t know how much Remi weighs, either.

Remi is about 41″ tall. He is almost as big as Echo. He will be full grown when he is about 2 years old. He will weigh about 800 pounds when he is done growing. That is more than 17 first graders!

We can’t have a pig because it is against the law in our town to have pigs on our farm. No one in our town is allowed to have pigs.
I am 52 years old! That sounds old, but I can still work hard!
There are many animals on our farm. That question would take a long time to answer!
Annie is about 6 years old.
Clover is about 14 years old.
Misty is about 4 years old.
Penny will be 1 year old in April.
Yes, Daniel!
I like our farm!
I like to work hard, I like to spend time with the animals. I like working in the garden in the spring and summer. I like sharing our farm with other people, too!
Do you like our farm?

Thank you for all your questions!

Next week I’ll answer more questions. I’ll also show you a little bit more about goat’s mouths. Do you want to see what goat teeth look like?

Have a great week!

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