Photos from the Farm #25

Welcome back!

Did you look at the Mountain Monday photos? Did you notice the work that we did last weekend? We moved the metal pole structure to the barn driveway. We had help from friends to move it. A bunch of big boys and men each held onto one leg and moved it for us. Bryon also used the tiller and tilled all the weeds in front of the barn. Next he planted grass seeds, but you can’t see those in the photos.

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Thank you again for your questions!

We have three ducks. A few weeks ago our white duck died. We were sad. He was about 10 years old. That is very old for a duck!

Here is a video so you can count how many hens we have.

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That is a great question! It’s a question that farmers use math to solve. I think you are starting to work on story problems now. This is a story problem!

I don’t think this is a math problem that you can do in first grade, but I want you to see the math problem anyway. One day you’ll be able to do this problem!

A goat eats about 4.5% of it’s body weight in hay (or grass) each day. Annie weighs about 230 pounds. 4.5% x 230 pounds = 10.35 pounds of hay each day.

A horse eats about 20 pounds of hay each day.

A mini-cow eats about 12 pounds of hay each day.

Who eats more food each day, a horse, a goat, or a mini-cow?

How many pounds will Annie eat in one month?
10.35 pounds of hay x 30 days = 310.5 pounds of hay.

Misty is eating her grain in front of the big bale of hay.
See how big the bale is!

Each of our bales of hay weighs about 800 pounds. If Annie was our only goat she would eat a little bit more than one big bale each month!

Our goats eat a little bit less because I also feed them some grain each morning. Do you remember the grain I sent for you to look at?

This is the grain the goats eat for breakfast each morning.
Does your cereal look like this?
We have 2 cows, 2 pregnant goats, 1 goat that gives milk each day, 1 old goat, and 2 bucks (boy goats). They go through about two 800 pounds of hay each month. That is a lot of hay!
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Our cows love to run when it’s time for breakfast!

Echo saw the bucket full of grain and she came running right away!
Remi takes a little longer to realize there is breakfast in the bucket.
They don’t mind sharing.
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Information for this post was taken from eHow: How many bales of hay does a goat need for winter?
Feeding Mini-CowsHow much hay does one horse need per day?

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