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Photos from the Farm #28

Welcome back!

It was chilly yesterday, wasn’t it! Matt put Clover’s coat back on. She was shivering because she was so cold. I wore my winter coat to the barn because it was so cold!

This week we’ve had fun cooking outside.  I’ve had fun with my new sewing machine. What have you done? Have you learned anything new? Have you played a new game, learned a new song,  learned some new math, or read a new book?

I sewed some beanbags on my new sewing machine! They aren’t filled with beans, they are filled with rice. Quin loves them!

We baked bread on our new smoker grill! It was delicious! Did you know you can bake bread on a barbeque grill?

We even decorated with eggs for Easter! Quin is holding our ostrich egg.
We don’t have any ostriches. My friend gave it to me and we get it out every year when Easter is close. I thought you might like to see how big an ostrich egg is.
*     *     *     *     *     *

We’ve been working on our building project, too.

Bryon used the post hole digger on the back of the tractor to dig the first hole. It is much faster to use a post hole digger than it is to dig a hole with a shovel. Do you see the post hole digger jumping around a little bit? We have a lot of rocks in the soil! Watch closely and you will see some rocks coming out with the dirt.

The hole is about 24″ deep. If you have a ruler you can measure the size of the tiles on the floor of your classroom. Then you can see how deep 24″ is.
Bryon put a yellow post form into the hole. Then he, Tim, and Matt mixed up some cement to shovel into the form. A form is like a mold. Ice cube trays are molds for water.

Next he put a post into the cement.
He used a level to make sure the post is perfectly straight. If it isn’t perfectly straight then the what he’s building won’t be straight and won’t last very long.

Ask your parents if they have a level you can look at. It’s an interesting tool! I always had fun playing with my dad’s level when I was little.

Do you have any more guesses about what we are building? It isn’t a hay barn. It isn’t a train track.

*     *     *     *     *     *
Matt found a nest of eggs under the wagon! Silly chickens! In the spring we have an Easter Egg hunt almost every day. The chickens hide their eggs in different places and sometimes they hide them very well!
*     *     *     *     *     *
 I took some videos for you this week, too.

We’re sorry to tell you that Charlie, the rooster, has gotten very mean. We had to send him to a new farm last week. He was attacking people! We don’t keep mean animals on the farm. We like visitors! If you watch the video you’ll see another rooster in the back. I think I’ll name him Peety. He’s just starting to crow. He is orange and white.

Quin can tell the difference between roosters and hens by looking at their ‘hat’. That’s what he calls the comb (red part) on the chicken’s head. Quin says, “Charlie has a big hat, mama hens have a little hat.”

Do you remember the chicks that were born during Fall Break? Petty is one of those chicks. We’ve been trying to teach him good manners. Charlie didn’t learn good manners even though we tried. I hope Peety does!

I was so excited to get a little video of Echo mooing! She doesn’t usually make any sound if she can see us. She only makes noise when she can’t see us and wants her breakfast. Can you hear the other animals? What other animals can you hear on the video?

*     *     *     *     *     *
I thought it would be fun to start a graph of our chicken eggs. I’ll write down how many green, brown, and duck eggs we get each day. You can make a graph, and I will make a graph. In a few weeks I’ll post my graph and you can see if our graphs look the same.
Friday, March 27 I collected 6 brown eggs, 2 green eggs, and 2 duck eggs.
Saturday, March 28 I collected 4 brown eggs, 3 green eggs, and 2 duck eggs.
Sunday, March 29 I collected 9 brown eggs, 3 green eggs, and 2 duck eggs.
Monday, March 30 I collected 5 brown eggs, 1 green egg, and 2 duck eggs.
Tuesday, March 31 I collected 4 brown eggs, and 2 duck eggs.
Wednesday, April 1 I collected 4 brown eggs, 5 green eggs, and 2 duck eggs.
Thursday, April 2 I collected 5 brown eggs, 6 green eggs, and 1 duck egg.
*     *     *     *     *     *

I hope you enjoyed the post today!

Next time I have some videos to share about the ducks! I also have a video of the goats for you.

Have you watched the snow on the mountains? It’s melting. The days are getting longer. Spring is here. It’s not quite time to plant much in the garden, but it’s time to get the seeds started indoors.

I hope you have a wonderful Spring Break! We’ll be building, and cleaning more of the barn, and planting some seeds indoors. I’ll send some little plants to your classroom so you can watch them grow, too!

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