Photos from the Farm #32

Welcome back…. for the last time.

I’m sad to see the end of the year coming so quickly.

Today I have photos of most of the animals so that you can see them one more time before summer vacation.

I also have a story that Matt wrote when he was in First Grade. I thought you might like to read something he wrote when he was your age.

*     *     *     *     *

Echo, our mini-cow

Remi, our new steer.
He’s bigger than Echo, now!
Harry, he is almost 6 weeks old.
Clover, our goofy Nubian goat.

I think she’s trying to smile at the camera!
Penny. I was hoping she would have her kid before school ended.
She’s still pregnant. Maybe she will have her kid next week!

Stew! He is such a nice sheep!
Zeek is on the left, Curly is on the right.
These bucks are the dads on our farm.
Matt took this picture just as Scout was starting to run. He almost looks like a rabbit!
*     *     *     *     *

When Matt was in First Grade we had two ducks named Peanuts and Quackers. Peanuts was a drake (boy), Quackers was a duck (girl).

Brave Peanuts Saves the Day
by Matthew T.

Peanuts and Quackers were splashing around in their pond. They went “tail up” looking for minnows. They swam and quacked and raced through the middle of the pond. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Peanuts and Quackers were enjoying the sunshine and warm weather.

My name is Cookie. I am a black and white cat. The ducks are my friends. I like to go visit them from time to time when the weather is nice.

On this sunny afternoon I was walking along the fence by the duck pond. I was out for an afternoon walk. I decided to go and visit my friends. 

“Hello Quackers! Hello Peanuts! Nice sunny day today!” I said.

“Hello Cookie.  How are you this fine day?” asked Quackers. She was a cheerful duck, as most ducks are. 

Quackers and Peanuts waddled up onto the bank. “We are ready for a snack of grasshoppers and worms. Would you like to snack with us?”

“No thank you.” I said. “But I’ll tag along and visit with you before I snuggle down up on the roof of the gazebo for a nap.”

“Come along, then,” said Peanuts.

We went under the fence to the garden. Quackers and Peanuts always find good worms and grasshoppers there. While they snacked a big black dog jumped out at them and attacked Quackers. She ran flapping and quacking as loud as she could all over the barn yard. The dog went in pursuit of Quackers and caught her!

Peanuts was quacking as loud as he could and  flapping his wings and running as fast as he could go after that dog!  Peanuts charged at that dog so he could try to scare the dog and save Quackers!

While Peanuts was charging the dog I stayed a safe distance. I was scared of that big dog. I did not want to get in a fight with that big dog! 

When Peanuts got to the dog, he bit the dog’s tail. The dog turned around and looked at Peanuts in the eyes for a long time. Peanuts broke the silence and started to quack and flap his wings and tried to bite the dog between the eyes. The dog reeled back in fright and ran from Peanuts! 

Peanuts ran to assist Quackers and to see if the dog had hurt her. Quackers behind looked bloody and sore. Part of her tail was still hanging on. “I feel bad I did not come to help,” I said.

“It is OK,” said Peanuts. “My two-legged friend, Matthew came to see how the chickens were and to give them the leftovers. He saw Quackers and ran to the house to tell his mom. They came out with a pair of scissors and tried to catch Quackers to cut of the part of her tail that was hanging on. 

They walked after her and they got her to go over a piece of wood that lead into the barn. As she waddled over the wood, what was left of her tail fell of. Matthew had to clean out the duck crate and fill it with shavings and put some bleach in their swimming pool to clean Quackers behind when she got in.

Quackers healed very well. It took some time for her tail to heal but she got better. Matthew’s dad said that he thought Quackers would probably die. She didn’t die!

 *     *     *     *     *

I hope you enjoyed visiting the farm every week this school year! I hope you have a wonderful summer and that you are excited to graduate to Second Grade. I’m sure your teachers will be very excited to have such smart children in their classes next fall.

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