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Photos from the Farm – Maps * 11 September 2015

Welcome back!

I hope you had a wonderful week and that you are still enjoying school.

Your teacher said that you are learning about maps in school. Maps are wonderful! They help us know where to go whether we are driving or walking. I love having a map to follow when I’m at the zoo so I can go right to the animals I want to see.

Here is what our farm looks like if you were flying over it in a helicopter.
We have fences in a few different places now that when the photo was taken.

This is what it looks like if I draw a map of the farm!

What looks the same between the two pictures? What looks different? Did I draw trees in the map? Did I draw the driveways? Can you find the house and the barn?

*     *     *     *     *     *

Do you remember the chicks that were born the first day of school?

These are the two chicks that were born on the first day of school, 19 August 2015. How many days old are they now?

They are starting to get their feathers. This one is still in the coop.

This chick is wondering what I’m doing.
He isn’t used to having his picture taken every day.

Here are the turkey chicks that were born on 1 September 2015.
They are starting to get their feathers, too.

This is a picture on their birthday, the day they were born.
Do they look different now that they are older?
This is a video of the turkey chicks the day they were born.
This video was taken on Thursday, 10 September 2015 when they were 10 days old.
The mother hen is helping this chick find food.
Chickens eat grains, seeds, plants, and bugs. At the very end of the video you can see the mother hen catching a black bug and eating it!

*     *     *     *     *     *
That’s all for this week!
Next week I’ll show you what the barn looks like on the inside, and I’ll show you a map of the barn. 
If you have any questions, please write them on a piece of paper and give them to your teacher. If you have good hand writing I’ll post your question and answer it for everyone to see.

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