Photos of the ‘Kids’

A few photos I took of the kids today.

Buckling… We think his name will be Joseph.

Joseph (in the  and Mary (in the blue sweater)

Mary inside the dog house we have in the stall. A smaller spot for them to sleep in means they stay just a bit warmer.

The buckling got his horns removed this evening. Arby’s (the steer) thinks the kid smells funny and wants to clean him up.
Joseph had a shot of Biomycin 200 today. His breathing is a bit loud. We would have waited to disbud him, but the kid has horns already! We were a bit surprised it was the buckling that is having trouble breathing, we would have thought it was the doeling after all the trouble she went through when she was born. It’s a good thing we check on them every day.

We can stay ahead of big trouble most of the time when we are out there often.

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