Poor Dog!

We have no idea what happened to Scout! He came in one night with a huge wound.

It was a holiday so veterinarians took the day off. Our farm vet would have come, but she was out of town as well.

We think he may have caught himself on a fence, but we don’t know where because we haven’t found any fencing that would have caused this. If it had been fencing, surely the goats would have wounded themselves on it long before now!

Matt cleaned it out and trimmed the hair all around the wound. He kept it clean and bandaged until we could get him to the vet on Saturday.
I was surprised that it only cost $160 to have him stitched and stapled.
He’s such a good dog that he hasn’t had to wear the “cone of shame” much. He only wears it at night when we can’t keep an eye on him. He is very good about leaving it alone!

I’ll be posting photos of the healing process as it goes along. Bryon mixed up some antibacterial spray that he has been developing in the lab. We’re pretty sure it will help it heal more quickly and that Scout won’t get an infection.

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