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Post Holes for the Greenhouse

Welcome back!

One of the things we’re building is a greenhouse. A greenhouse is a house where green things grow. We want to grow plants in our greenhouse. A greenhouse will let plants grow earlier in the spring before the snow melts, and later into the fall and winter after the leaves have fallen off the trees.

Someone in your class noticed there was a corkscrew on the back of the tractor. The real name for that piece of equipment is a post hole digger. It’s very heavy! We need it on the back of the tractor when we are moving hay to balance the tractor.

We also use it to dig holes in the ground.

Do you see how much it bounces around?
That’s because there are so many rocks in the ground!
Someone has to dig the rest of the rocks out of the hole before we put the mold in.
Matt is strong, so he helps.

The hole has to be deep enough for the mold.
Next we need to fill the mold with cement.
The post goes in next.
There is a hole in the top of the post because the hoop for the greenhouse will fit inside it.
The hoop will help hold up the greenhouse roof.

It’s very important that the post is straight, and in the right place.
We use different tools to measure. We used a tape measure to measure where to put the hole, the mold, and the post.

We use this tool, called a level, to make sure that the post is straight.
Do you see the bubbles in the top two tubes on the level?
The bubbles inside the tubes need to be between the two black lines.
It’s a little tricky to get the post straight up and down.
It’s exciting to see the greenhouse get started!
*     *     *     *     *
Yes, we have a cat.
This is the barn cat, Midnight.

This morning she decided to climb on my back while I was hooking up the hose to the faucet.
She works hard keeping the mice out of the barn.
We also have two indoor cats.
This is Stinky.
She’s lazy.
She likes to take naps.
*     *     *     *     *
We’ve had some problems with the chickens and turkeys roosting in the barn.
The problem is they don’t know how to use a bathroom. They leave their droppings all over the food barrels, and the hay in the stalls! Ewwww, YUCK!
Bryon and Matt installed bird spikes so the chickens and turkeys
will find someplace else to sleep at night!
I hope you have a wonderful week!

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