Prayer Shawl Number 3

Here is the last Prayer Shawl I have made in memory of my mother who passed away in July. It will be sent to my sister’s church.

Someone was wondering why I was sending the Prayer Shawls to other churches. The reason is that the Savior did something for me that I cannot do for myself–he saved me. I am doing something for my sisters and my mother that they cannot do–I am knitting Prayer Shawls.

The table is new this year, so is the umbrella. One of the reasons I got them earlier this spring was because my Mom was going to come this fall and spend two weeks with us and she sat outside often. She would have arrived last Wednesday and would have been here for another week. So, these two weeks are especially hard because I think about all the things we would have been doing while she was here.

Have a blessed day. Try to do something for someone else that they cannot do for themselves.

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