Preemie Hats Machine Knitting Pattern

These are the hats that Spunky knit for the NICU.

The machine we use is a Silver Reed LK150. It’s my most versatile machine and I love it.

The pattern makes a hat that is 10″ in circumference and it fit QT’s head when he was born 6 weeks early.  Here’s a great chart if you want to make a different size preemie hat. Bev’s Country Cottage.

Tension 1
Gauge: 5 st/ inch, 9 rows/ inch using fingering weight yarn. We used leftover scraps of baby yarn and sock yarn.

Cast on with scrap and ravel every other needle 52 stitches.
Knit 14 rows, hang hem on empty needles.
Knit 20 rows (you can add a pattern here)
Transfer stitches to every other needle. Put empty needles in non-working postion.
Knit 6 rows
Cut yarn with a 12″ tail. Using a double eyelet tool (or chenille needle) remove stitches onto tail. Don’t gather yet.
Seam about 2″ of the back of the hat, then pull and tighten the hole at the top.
Finish seaming and bury yarns in brim.

We decided to not knot the yarn, every loose end is either woven in or buried in the seam.

Please let me know if you have any trouble with the pattern. I’ll do my best to clarify or help.

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