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Pumpkins After Halloween

We grew 4 different kinds of pumpkins this year. We were so busy that we didn’t have time to carve any of them! I hope you had fun caring pumpkins with your family this year.

What do you do with your pumpkins after Halloween?

We feed our big pumpkins to the animals. They all like them! The cows, sheep, goats, and even the chickens love pumpkins. Pumpkins are good for the animals, and pumpkin is good for you, too.

Pumpkins have vitamins in them. Your parents might give you vitamin C when you are starting to get a cold because that vitamin helps you fight colds.

We only feed our animals pumpkins that haven’t been carved or painted. Check your carved pumpkin, if it has black spots inside it isn’t good for eating. If you painted your pumpkin, it might be good for you to eat, but the animals aren’t as smart and would eat the paint right along with the rest of the pumpkin. Yuck!

Regular carving pumpkins are so much fun to grow. We use them for the animals to eat.

Pumpkins have vitamin A, C, and E in them. Vitamin A is very helpful for skin.

Sometimes Chickens have a problem called ‘bumble foot.’ That’s a funny name for a sore on a chicken’s foot. That can mean that they don’t have enough Vitamin A in their diet.

Our chickens don’t get bumble foot very often because they get good food that has all the vitamins and minerals they need to stay as healthy as they can. That means pumpkins in the fall!

Do you have chickens? If you want to learn more about bumblefoot, you can look here.

Our chickens are ‘molting’ now, so some of them look a little scraggly. They are getting their winter feathers. If you have chickens and they are molting, they may have bare spots on their body with no feathers. Their old feathers fall out because they need to grow new feathers so they can stay warm in the winter. It’s okay, and it’s normal. But it also means its a good time to make sure they are eating well so they can grow back new feathers quickly.

Pumpkin For Eating

I like to make pumpkin puree out of my pumpkins. Puree is a fancy way of saying mashed up pumpkins. When your parents buy a can of pumpkin from the store, it’s pumpkin puree. We like pumpkin pie! We put pumpkin in chocolate muffins! We put pumpkin in chicken curry! We love pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!

We add pumpkin to a lot of things because its a healthy food. It doesn’t always taste like much, so even if we put it in chili, you can’t tell. It just makes the food a little healthier for us.

If you have tried pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, you probably like the spices that get added. Regular pumpkin tastes good, but it isn’t a strong taste so it mixes well with lots of different foods.

I like to freeze the pumpkin and then put it in a plastic bag. Each pile is about 1 cup of pumpkin.

Sometimes I leave it in the freezer. And sometimes my wonderful friend lets me use her freeze dryer to freeze dry the pumpkin!

This year I made pumpkin puree from 3 kinds of pumpkins. Ghost Pumpkins, Long Island Cheese Pumpkins, and Jarrahdale Pumpkins.

Ghost Pumpkins are white pumpkins. They are so much fun to grow. I had a lot of them this year. That is the first kind of pumpkin I turned into puree.

Pumpkin Seeds

They are white-ish on the inside, too. And look at all the seeds!

Do you think Bunnicula visited my garden?

Hmmmmm….. what should I do with all those seeds?

I would like to grow Ghost Pumpkins again next year. So I washed the seeds.

After washing the seeds, I’ll need to dry them out. If I let them stay all wet, they will get yucky and won’t be good for planting next year.

Drying Pumpkin Seeds

I put all the wet seeds on my dehydrator tray. I covered them with another tray, and put them on the heater vent. I don’t want to cook the seeds, I just want them to dry out so I can save them for planting next spring.

What do you think? Would you like to plant some Ghost Pumpkins, too?

I have so many seeds that I decided to save them for Farm Day in the spring. When you come, you can plant them in a cup and bring them home.

But what if you want a different kind of pumpkin?

This is a pretty, light orange pumpkin. I saved seeds from this pumpkin, too. This pumpkin is called a Long Island Cheese pumpkin because it looks kind of like a wheel of cheese.

The label says, “Pastel Orange Pumpkins” because I think it will be easier for me to remember what the grown pumpkins will look like. I also had some light green colored pumpkins.

The light green pumpkins that I grew are called Jarrahdale Pumpkins. They are supposed to be delicious!

Pumpkin seeds look the same. The label on the tray will go right into the baggie that I store the seeds in.

When you come to visit in the spring, you can choose which pumpkin seeds you want to plant in a cup and grow in your garden.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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