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Puppies, Growing Chicks, and a Livestock Water Fountain

The puppies are growing and they have opened their eyes.

This week they started eating puppy food mixed with goat milk. There are only four puppies in the photo because sometimes one puppy likes to sleep by themselves. No worries! We still have five fat happy puppies!

No, we only have 3 dogs. We have Mishka, the dog who had puppies. We have a 13 year old dog named Scout, and a 14 year old dog named JJ. The puppies will all go to new homes. We don’t have room for any more dogs!

Our farm is almost 1 1/2 acres. I’m not sure if you understand how big or small that is. Some people think it’s a big piece of land. Some people think it’s a tiny farm.

It’s just right for us!

This is what the map of our farm looks like.

This is what the land looked like a few years ago. We have a few new sheds now. See if you can find the differences between the old photo, and the newer map.

No, we don’t have pigs. We don’t plan on getting pigs, either. They are cute to look at, but they aren’t very nice farm animals. We’ll be babysitting a pig over Thanksgiving Break. I’ll take some photos of Nacho when she gets here and gets settled in her stall.
Do you remember the small chicks in the water barrel? They are growing up! So far the hawk hasn’t found them. Sadly, the hawk got one of the turkeys on Saturday. Sometimes it’s hard to protect our animals from hawks.

Little One, our sheep from last year, likes to drink out of the livestock water fountain. She doesn’t like to push her nose down on the lever like the other animals do. She likes to stick her hoof up on the lever and push it down, just like you push the lever on the water fountain at school.

She lets the water go over the edge while she drinks. This makes a bit of a muddy mess. The chickens come running when they hear Little One drinking. They know they can get a drink from the puddle she makes.

I don’t like the muddy mess that I clean up in the morning. I don’t think that I can train Little One to drink like the other animals.

Do you leave a mess for other people to clean up sometimes?

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