Thank you for sending me questions this week! I love it when you ask good questions about the farm. If your question isn’t posted today it may be because I already answered the question, or I couldn’t read what you wrote, or you didn’t have a “?” at the end of your question.

Do you have any cats?

I’ve answered this question before. Yes, we have cats. We have a barn cat and three pet cats. Pets are animals that live in our house or in our yard. Midnight is the barn cat, she’s not a pet. She has a job. Her job is to keep the mice out of the barn. I haven’t seen one mouse in the barn for a very long time!

Sometimes Midnight wants to be on the patio by the house instead of the barn.
One of her favorite places to get warm is to sit under the plastic on the
big couch on the patio.
The plastic traps the heat, and it also keeps the water off the pillows.

Eliza is Heather’s cat. She is a funny cat!
She likes to be where the people are.

Jasper is Heather’s cat, too.
He’s sick today.
Heather will take him to the veterinarian to see what’s wrong.
I’ll keep you updated so you know how he’s doing.

Do you like to work at the farm?
Is it fun to work?

Those are good questions! Sometimes we think work is a bad thing. Do you think work and chores are horrible and bad?

I don’t.

Sometimes work is hard, sometimes it isn’t fun. It doesn’t make sense that I like to work.

I like what happens when I work! I get stronger! I stay healthy! I’m outside! I’m happier when I work! I learn new things when I work!

Sitting on the couch watching TV isn’t as much fun as doing some ‘work’ and moving around.

Some days I really, really don’t want to get out of my warm, comfortable bed early in the morning. Some days I want to snuggle in the covers and stay warm instead of going out in the barn.

I have to remember that when I come in from the barn, and petting the cow and the goats, and playing with the little chicks, and fixing anything that’s broken, and the chores are all done, I feel soooo much better! I feel stronger and smarter and happier.

This week we needed more feed for the animals.
My job was to fill all the barrels with the bags of feed that we unloaded from the truck.
That was a lot of work!
It was great!

How do you feel when you finally tackle that hard math problem, or figure out that difficult word that you’ve been working on? I bet you feel great!!!!

This week I felt great because I planted peas on
St. Patricks Day!
No peas have sprouted, but I felt so good about myself because I was out in the garden working.

Nothing feels as good as accomplishing something hard!

This hen is so excited that she finished her work of laying and egg today!
You can’t see her very well, but you can hear her!

The Red Star chicks are growing!
They were born about 1 month ago.

The Light Brahmas were born about 2 weeks ago.
They are growing, too.
This is what the little chicks eat.

This is what the adult chickens eat.

Adult chickens have bigger beaks (mouths) than chicks do so they can eat bigger pieces food.

I hope you have a wonderful Spring Break! We’re looking forward to River having her baby goats on April 1, no fooling! Ronnie, the turkey, is sitting on eggs. They should hatch out around April 5th. I love spring on the farm!

One more video for you!

Thanks again for your questions this week!

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Wonders Unit 5 Week 4

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