Quilt Top Done! Oh, My Stars!

Son1’s quilt top is finally done! I only plan on finishing one quilt a year.

I actually have enough blocks from other projects to finish 3 more quilt tops, but I don’t have anyone in mind for them, so of course there is no deadline to finish any of them!

Son1 wanted a new quilt since his old one is shredded–literally!

He wanted a bright quilt with stars on a black background. He had another pattern picked out, but the Block of the Month class that I attend started this one a few weeks after we had the fabric and pattern picked out for the other one.

That means I still have black background fabrics and batik fabric for another quilt top. I’m not sure if I like that idea or not!

I had the top almost finished two weeks ago, but then decided I HATED one of the stars, so I made another block and took the first one out. I’m much happier with the newer block, even though it was extra work to replace it.

This was the ONE thing I wanted to get done this weekend… and I DID! I love it when I can accomplish  something on my list.

I still have to put the back together, and then take it to the lady who does the quilting, and then put the binding on it. But at least the biggest part of the project is DONE!

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