Ready for Storage

Well, the onions are finally ready for storage. They have been drying on the patio table forever, well, it seems like forever! I think the patio table worked out very well for drying since the top isn’t solid. I will be glad to get the table outside again! It has been nice to have all the onions right there in the kitchen while they were drying. Every time we need an onion I go over to the table and find one that is ready to use.

I didn’t realize how good home grown onions taste compared to store-bought onions! We are finding out quite often how good something tastes when it comes from our own backyard, or the backyard of someone that we know and trust.

It seemed like there was a huge pile on the patio table, but this is how many onions will go into storage.

After I got all the dried stems cut off, this is what is left. Funny, I thought I pulled many more red onions up than yellow onions. In the end, there are more yellow than red!

I had to store the onions in buckets since I don’t have any old stockings and I couldn’t find any on FreeCycle, either. I’m sure that we will use them all up before there is a problem with rotting or growing since there really aren’t that many.

I’m very grateful for what we do have, and I’m grateful we got anything from the garden at all this year since I wasn’t here enough to take good care of it.

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