Sam, the Dog

Sam is a great dog. He’s the kind of dog that every kid should have.

Big, fluffy, clean, and happy to let little (or big) kids snuggle next to him.

He’s even great with the bummer lambs we sometimes have indoors in the spring.

That’s why we took him to the vet to have his cancer removed.

In February we brought him into the vet to have some bumps checked out. The vet took some samples (with Vet2Be helping) and checked them under the microscope. They were fatty tumors and weren’t a problem. Lots of dogs get them.

About 6 weeks ago one started growing fairly fast. It doubled in size in about 6 weeks so we brought him into the vet again. The vet drained the fluid out, just to see what was in there and to see how much fluid there was (alot!) Then he suggested that we have the tumor removed because of it’s size and how fast it grew.

Vet2Be was in the surgery and not only got to watch, he got to take photos and videos.

When the vet started the surgery, he could tell that the tumor was probably malignant. The tests came back on Friday and the vet was right, it was malignant. Good thing we brought Sam in!

This is what the poor dog looks like this week!

We’re spraying his surgical site with silver to help it heal. The vet saw him on Friday and was pleased with the progress.

We take him back again next Friday to have the stents removed, but the staples stay in for another week after that.

We’re really hopeful this took care of the cancer.

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