Saturday’s List

It’s time to get ready for winter and we were able to get a bunch of things done on Saturday!

First job: finish constructing the new tarp garage for all the yard equipment (tiller, mowers, extra barrels and buckets, shovels, rakes….) so we would have room for hay in the barn.

Second job: We took down alot of trees this year and there are still lots of branches that need to be burned. We got through one more pile on Saturday waiting for the hay truck.

Third job: 297 bales of hay. No hay elevator, but 3 strong boys and hubby willing to unload and stack! 
Fourth job: seal the driveway. If it has a new coat of sealant the snow will melt much faster in the winter.

Clean gutters, too! Yay!

We also cleaned the poultry pen and covered the wire coop with new tarps. And finished building a new pen for breeding (we have 2 bucks visiting, plus Vet2Be’s buck–so we needed 3 pens this fall).

There are still more chores to be done (aren’t there always!) Weeding the flowerbeds, spraying more weeds, and planting grass seed in the dry lot by the barn.
It keeps us all busy and out of trouble!

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