Score at the Thrift Store!

I went to the thrift store yesterday. January is a great time to go, just in case you are wondering. Everyone is getting rid of their old stuff because their house has been crowded for more than a month now and they have to have places to put their new stuff!

Yay for me!

I found three cabinets of file drawers that I stuffed into the cart. As I was looking through the rest of the store a woman said, “Someone has alot of files at home!”

I told her no, I don’t have alot of files to store. These will be perfect for storing my stash of fat quarters…. or yarn…. or sewing supplies….. or knitting needles…..

There are 3 cabinets each with 4 drawers. They were only $4 each!

If I get tired of them in the sewing room I can put them in the garage, I’m sure Hubby can store stuff in them.

Or I can put them in my pantry to store canned goods or small boxes of food or spices (whoever designed the pantry thought that 26″ deep shelves were a good idea… not! I have no idea what’s on the back end of most of the shelves.)

Or Blondie said she can use them in her 3rd grade classroom for art supplies or other supplies in her  (the school didn’t give her very much storage or shelving.)

Or we can put them out in the barn and use them to store brushes, meds, rags, tape…. or lots of other stuff that just seems to get pushed around.

The woman was very nice and told me I was creative to think of so many different things to use a bunch of old file cabinets for 🙂 Thanks!

If I get ambitious this summer I’ll bring them outside and spray paint them a different color (or maybe 3 different colors…. or maybe the cabinets one color and the drawers different colors!)

I’m pretty excited with this find! I haven’t found anything this good for this cheap in a long time!

I also found a few chess sets, a brand new domino game, mancala, and lots of packages of brand new flash cards. Those were all sent to Blondie’s 3rd grade class room. She was thrilled with Mama’s finds, too. (and so were the 3rd graders!)

Smiles all around today ….

Now I’m off to remove labels and dust out drawers. And then I’ll start filling drawers!

Oh, and if you have other ideas for them, let me know. I’d love to add to the list!

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