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Shaun The Sheep: Taking Care of an Orphaned Lamb

Sometimes in the spring there are sheep that either can’t or won’t take care of their little newborn lamb.

That doesn’t happen with humans, it only happens with animals once in a while.

Sometimes the lamb isn’t strong enough to stay with his mama. Mama sheep can’t feed a lamb with a bottle, so the lamb gets fed by humans.

My friend had a ‘bummer lamb’ this spring. A bummer, also called a bum lamb, is a lamb that needs humans to take care of it instead of it’s mother.

I don’t have room for more sheep on my farm, but I have good friends that also like farm animals. I am so glad I have friends who wanted him!

Shaun the Sheep is part Navajo Churro, my favorite breed of sheep.

Lambs have to be taught how to drink from a bottle. It’s not always easy at first.

This family is so gentle and kind with Shaun as he learns to drink from a bottle.

Most sheep do a good job taking care of their lambs.

Do you see the lamb’s tails wiggling? That means they are getting milk from their mama. Shaun’s tail wiggles when he drinks a bottle, too.

How Much Do Lambs Eat?

If you get an orphaned lamb, you’ll need to weigh it. That’s how you decide how much to feed it.

Baby lambs and goats will always act hungry. If you feed them too much they will get very sick.

There are good places to look online to find out how much to feed lambs and kids. I like this chart from Cornell University Extension Service.

Shaun the Sheep is being fed cow milk because that’s better than powdered milk for lambs and kids.

Shaun was 5 pounds. He got 16 ounces (2 cups) of milk throughout the day. If he ate all that at once, he would have been very sick. He got 4 or 5 bottles a day. If you are raising a lamb, make sure you don’t feed them all at once. Their stomach isn’t that big.

As Shaun gets older and his stomach gets bigger, his family will be able to give him more milk, and give him fewer bottles.

This is my favorite kind of nipple to use for orphaned lambs and goat kids. They fit on a water bottle, so they are easy to use. They are big enough for the lambs and kids to suck on. They seem to get used to these nipples much more quickly than other kinds.

Where To Keep the Lamb?

Shaun doesn’t have a mama, so he stays in the house with his new friends. He stays in their mud room in a big dog crate with lots of room to move around.

He’s also got a heater because lambs can’t keep themselves warm very well when they are so young.

Wherever we keep a lamb, we make sure it has a warm, dry spot to sleep and play. Make sure they are safe from other animals that might hurt them, too.

Our friends are having so much fun with Shaun! I wonder what the kitty is thinking.

Fun With Shaun the Sheep

It’s fun to have a sheep!

Bummer lambs love their humans. They think that humans are their very best friends. They will follow humans everywhere. Maybe they think they are always going to get fed.

Sometimes you can teach lambs tricks.

What do you think? Would it be fun to raise a lamb? My friends think it is. It also takes a family who is responsible to make sure the lamb is well taken care of.

We have raised bummer lambs before. It can be a lot of fun.

They have learned so much about sheep and lambs because Shaun is their first ever bummer lamb. I love it when families learn how easy it is to raise sheep, and how fun they can be.

This is Bert and me. He’s the bummer lamb I had last year.

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