Silly Goats and a Hot Air Balloon

We have silly goats!

Annie is a silly goat!
She likes to play hide and seek inside the tarp that we hang on the gate.

River is a silly goat, too!
She likes to get inside the dogloo.
We have dog houses in the stalls because
baby goats need to get inside them to stay warm on
cold spring nights.

*     *     *     *     *

Dear Kaelyn,
We have a lot of animals! We have 8 new chickens that aren’t laying eggs yet. We have 4 ducks and 2 ducklings. We have 12 old chickens that we will give away in November. They don’t lay eggs anymore so it’s time to let them live with someone who only wants chickens to eat bugs. We have 2 turkeys. We have 3 cows, one is a baby. We have one sheep. We have 4 goats.

*     *     *     *     *


Dear Reagan,
No, we don’t have baby goats right now. Our baby goats are born in the spring, sometime in March or April.

How many months will you have to wait to see baby goats at Welcome Home Farm?

*     *     *     *     *

Dear Lizzie,
We had 3 people help stack hay this year that weren’t from our family. We had 4 people from our family help stack hay. Sometimes we have help from MG, a neighbor girl, on Saturday mornings. Sometimes we hire a different neighbor to clean stalls. Sometimes Quin and Xander come to help, too. They like to feed the animals and fill up the buckets with water.

I do all of the morning and evening chores. I have help from other people once in a while.

*     *     *     *     *

Last Friday I heard some strange noises outside. I stopped milking River and went to see what was over the barn. It was a hot air balloon!

It landed about a block away in a neighbor’s backyard. I’m so glad it didn’t land in our field or the neighbor’s field because the animals would have been so frightened!

Thank you to our friends at The Forge Jewelry Works who were right there when the balloon landed. They were so nice to share their photos and a video with all of us!

*     *     *     *     *

Did you know that mama cows give their baby cows a bath? Echo gives Miss E a bath every morning when I let her back in with Echo for the day.

Does it look like Miss E likes getting clean for the day?

I’ll be pressing cider for a lot of people this weekend! What are you doing that is nice for someone else?

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