Silly Microgreens That Kids Can Grow

It has been so much fun to grow fast-growing plants. Do you want to give it a try?

These plants are special because not only can you grow them in a week, you can eat them, too!

The little pots were given to me by my friend at Daylight Donuts in Pleasant Grove. She gave me so many that if you come to Farm Day you can plant some silly microgreens to grow at home, too.

This is a very easy, fun project. I hope you try it at home, too.

Let’s Get Started

It’s a lot of fun to put faces on our little planters, don’t you think? You can use any small container to grow microgreens in if it doesn’t have a hole in the bottom.

Amazon has a lot of different faces that you can buy. I bought these for us to use. They come in a huge pack so there are plenty for when you come to Farm Day in the Spring.

No Dirt Needed

You’ll also need some perlite. These are small rocks that were heated so they pop like popcorn. They can hold water, just like dirt does. Perlite looks pretty, and I don’t have dirt in the house.

That was easy.

Still easy!

Sprinkle a few seeds on top of the perlite.

You might think you will remember which seeds you planted in each pot. Label them anyway. After a week, it really is easy to forget if you planted broccoli, or salad mix, or red cabbage, or whatever other seeds you choose to plant.

Cover the seeds with a cloth or something else. We used a disposable aluminum bread pan. You can use anything that tricks the seeds into thinking they are buried in dirt where it’s dark.

Keep Seeds in the Dark for 3-4 Days

Keep the seeds covered for 3-4 days. Use a spray bottle and spray them with water once a day. They need a little drink, but not too much.

After the first day, your seeds will have popped open.

That was fast!

They aren’t ready for light yet!

Ready for Light

The seeds will have tiny yellow-ish leaves. Some microgreens have red-ish leaves. Now it’s time to put your little pots in a window or under a bright light.

Add a little water to the pot each day to make sure they have enough to drink. They will dry out and die if they don’t have any water.

Look how much the seeds have grown after about 5 days. A few more days and those pots will need a haircut!

Quin and Xander put their pots in a window in the kitchen where they would get lots of light to grow. It’s easy to remember to water plants if they are in the kitchen.

Look at the crazy ‘hair’ on the faces! So much fun!

Quin didn’t want faces on his pots. His pots only have labels so he can decide which microgreens he likes the taste of.

Eating Microgreens

Microgreens are vegetables. I don’t always like to eat vegetables. I think they are a lot of fun to grow, and I know they are very good for me. I like to eat mine like they are a salad with some dressing on them. I feel stronger and healthier when I eat vegetables along with other good food, every day.

Quin and Xander like to make scrambled eggs and put their microgreens in eggs.

Quin made eggs and toast with his microgreens.

He made it himself. Do you know how to make scrambled eggs yet? I bet your parent will help you do that at home.

Xander likes his eggs mixed with cheese. He said he will try a different cheese next time. This was good, but not as good as he had hoped.

He ate them anyway because he knows vegetables help bodies stay healthy.

What do you think? Will you try growing some at home?

Thank you for all the questions. I’m having a little trouble today scanning them in. Next week I’ll answer your questions about the farm. I’m sure I can get my photo software to work by then.

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