Silly Turkeys!

A few photos of our silly turkeys. They decided to come into the back yard today so I fed them some old corn bread that I was going to take out to the chickens anyway.

They decided to play on the patio, on the roof, and on the gazebo. It was fun to watch them and see where they would go next.

Yummy treats!
Wow! Look how far we can see from up here!
Time to sit for a while out of the snow.

For the last week or so the turkey with the pretty feathers has been pretty friendly. We don’t know what’s wrong with her, but she doesn’t mind when we pick her up or corner her. Maybe she figured out the number one rule on the farm: Be nice or be tasty, and decided that she would like to be nice. They are still on the farm because they really weren’t big enough for dinner yet. They are so fun to watch! Some days they are on top of the barn, too!

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