Snow and Seeds

I hope you had a fun last week celebrating Dr. Seuss! He was a wonderful writer. One of my favorite stories is Scrambled Eggs Super.

I think some of our chickens look like some of the birds in Dr. Seuss’ story! What do you think?

Sometimes it’s hard to get good photos of the chickens who never seem to sit still unless they are sleeping!

It’s also difficult to hold a chicken in one arm, and take a photo with my free hand!

I like chickens because they always seem happy! They like to cluck and scratch and look for seeds to eat.

*     *     *     *     *
I thought spring was on it’s way!
This is the mucky mess in the barnyard today.

It’s snowy and mucky this morning. The animals are spending a lot of time inside the barn.

Most cows aren’t treated as nicely as Echo.
Most cows have a shelter, but they don’t have a warm stall inside a barn!

Even though it’s snowing again today, I know that spring is on it’s way. The chickens are laying a lot of eggs! That means we have we have more light every day.

The chickens start laying more eggs in the spring
because we have more daylight.
I collect about 1 dozen eggs every day.
I collect eggs every day during the spring and summer. Some winter days I collect none
*     *     *     *     *
We get ready for spring by planting seeds inside. The little seeds grow into plants. They are big enough to plant in the garden right around Mother’s Day.
We fill special trays with dirt.

Xander and his cousin want a lot of pumpkins this year!
They are both 4 years old.
He helped plant a lot of different kinds of pumpkin seeds.

What do you think Xander and his cousin are going to do with all the pumpkins that grow in the garden?

These are yellow squash seeds.
They look like pumpkin seeds.
Did you know that pumpkins are a type of squash?
These are flower seeds. 

These are flower seeds, too!

These are the seeds we planted.

Do you see the numbers we put on the rows?
We wrote the row number on the back of the packages so we would know
which row the seeds were planted in.
Then we put the lid on top of the tray.

This afternoon I’ll set up my growing shelves with lights and put the seeds under lights. I’ll show you how they are growing next week!

Planting a garden and raising animals takes patience and lots of work. It’s fun to see how things grow!

*     *     *     *     *
It’s fun to have indoor animals, too. Eliza does some funny things! Do you have a pet that makes you laugh? How many pets do you have? We have four cats. Eliza, her brother Jasper, Stinky, and Midnight the barn cat.

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