Snow Day on the Farm!

Last week we had a wonderful storm!

There weren’t many drifts on this side of the barn. We had higher drifts on the east side. Did you see Mishka photo bombing the video? She loves jumping. She’s so excited to go out to the barn every morning. She loves the barn as much as she loves playing frisbee with Tim.

Mishka would rather follow my wheel barrow tracks to the back fence where I dump the wheelbarrow full of manure each day.

She doesn’t really mind the snow, she was out playing by the back fence. Walking back to the barn is a lot easier when she’s walking in a track!

Did it snow inside your house? It snowed inside the barn! Lots of wind blew the snow right through all the cracks near the ridge of the roof where the weather stripping has fallen apart over the last 30 years since the barn was built.

I didn’t realize how bad the wind was going to be or I would have covered the milking pump with a tarp to keep the snow off. It was still very cold in the morning so I brushed the snow off and the pump is fine.

The snow blew in from both the north side of the barn and the south side of the barn. The east stall was full of snow! Leia spent the storm in the center stall, which didn’t get drifts of snow like this stall did.

The chickens decided that they didn’t want to go out into the snow today. They would rather have indoor recess, along with inside breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Can you find the duck in the photo above? He’s in the back waiting for the chickens to be finished with breakfast.

Brownie found a dry place to sleep in the hay barn. She doesn’t like to squish herself through the small orange chicken door at night. She sleeps safe and warm in the bales of hay not far from the chicken coop.

I opened the main door and let her inside with her chicken friends for the day. She liked that much better than being outside in the snow by herself.

All the blue areas are places where we have more snow than we usually do. Hooray! We’re looking forward to green pastures for all the animals this summer!

Your Questions

Yes! We’re getting more babies! We’re getting new chicks on March 9th. Leia is due with her kid goats right around the same time. The sheep will start having their lambs sometime in April.

We reserved some new baby goats, too! We get to pick them up in June. Baby farm animals are so much fun!

I also bought an incubator because my friend wants me to hatch some eggs for her. There will be pictures and updates on the eggs hatching as soon as I get her eggs.

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