Snow Day!

It’s never really a snow day on the farm. We have to get out and take care of the animals even when it snow.

I don’t mind! I bundle up with mittens, boots, a coat and hat. I stay warm because I’m outside for at least 90 minutes.

I love the barnyard when it snows. It’s so quiet! I can’t hear the cars and trucks on the big road that is so close to our house. It’s so peaceful!

The neighbor’s horse has a coat on when it snows.
She takes really good care of her horses. They have a barn to get
out of the rain and snow, and they have plenty of food.

Our dogs don’t mind the snow.
They have fur coats.

Did you notice a new dog in the picture? That’s Surry. She comes to visit when her family is on vacation. She’s a very good dog. She doesn’t chase any of the animals, and she comes when I call her.

Echo doesn’t mind the snow.
Part of a cow’s stomach is called a ‘rumen’.
It is like a big heater!
She stays warm as long as she has enough food and water.

Side Kick stays warm because he has a rumen and a really thick wool coat on!
Sheep wool is very interesting!
It is a little bit water resistant so the snow stays on top of his coat.
When it melts, it just falls off almost like having a rain coat.
The chickens have a spot that they can get out of the wind and snow.
So do the ducks, but ducks don’t seem to mind the cold snow.
Ducks have a layer of fat to keep them warm.
Their feathers are waterproof, like a raincoat, so the snow doesn’t really stick to them.
Sadie, the new calf, stays warm because I put a coat on her.
Her rumen is just starting to work so it’s a little harder for her to stay warm.
She drinks lots of milk on cold days, so that also helps her stay warm.
Sadie had her horns worked on last weekend.
Not many people want a milk cow with horns.

We always remove horns from our animals because it’s safer for them, and it’s safer for the people that work with them, and the people that visit the farm.

We give Sadie some special medicine called, “Calf Calm.” It helps her stay quiet while we work on her.

She’s up and playing as soon as we’re done!

Even when it snows I still clean up Echo’s poo and move it to the back of the pasture.
In the spring there will be lots of people who want to put the manure in their gardens.
It’s really good fertilizer!
Fertilizer helps vegetable gardens and flower gardens grow beautiful plants!
It’s fun to see the animal tracks in the snow!
These are turkey tracks.
The tom turkey was heading into the cow shed to see if there are any treats.

I usually like the barn floor to be clean.
Not in the winter!
In the winter I always leave a little bit of hay and dirt on the floor
because the cement gets very slippery in the winter.
If I leave dirt and hay on the floor, it isn’t very slippery.
I don’t want to slip and fall while I’m working.

I’m not really sure how many chickens I have right now.
I’ll count them this week and let you know.

Echo was born February 10, 2014.
How old is Echo?
Mishka’s birthday is April 14, 2019.
How old is Mishka?

Thanks so much for your questions! I hope you write some more!

Have a great week and have fun playing in the snow!

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