Our daughter, Spunky, and her husband live on the other side of the continent. They have had soooo much snow and cold! I don’t complain about our weather, I am grateful for the chance it gives me to work on knitting and other projects that I can’t work on during the spring and summer.

Here are a few photos of what they have had to live with the past few months.

Their dog thought it was great fun, until she got stuck and had to be dug out!

They thought about renting a snow blower. But they had to dig their cars to drive to town. So that kinda defeated the idea of renting a snow blower!

They are both college students (Spunky is also working full time) so buying something more than a shovel isn’t on their ‘to do’ list. 

They worked and saved so that he could go to school without having to take out loans. Spunky decided to upgrade her degree, so she is in school, too. Her job allows her to do both. He is on the ‘fast track’ program and isn’t allowed to work.

They are a pretty amazing couple.

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