So Far, So Good!

I should probably post some photos of the goat kids that were born 3 weeks ago. They are doing really well!

I will tomorrow.

The kitchen has kinda taken over.

Here is a view facing North–the new pantry and the fridge.

The pantry is really two wall units stacked on top of each other. We needed cabinets that weren’t as deep as a ‘normal’ pantry because we needed to be able to get around the corner to the left of the pantry with furniture from time to time.

The old pantry, which was big, but I was always loosing food and canned goods towards the back. The shelves are 22″ deep in this one. It’s perfect for pots, pans, and dishes.

The step and the bar are completely gone as of today. I had to put the new island in the kitchen just to see how it would fit and look. It is a bit big…

So I pushed it against the railing, which works out just fine!

Hopefully tomorrow the installer is coming back to finish putting in the cabinets and measure for the counter top. Our Good Friend will be here, too. He’s going to lengthen a pony wall by 12″ to fit the counter top as well as fir out the kick on the cabinets so the trim will cover the old floor.

Every day or two we get a little closer to being done! Hoooooray!

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