Vet2Be needed to sell some goats. We knew that four would have to find new homes.

Earlier this summer I put them up on the local online classifieds and only got one response.

I put them up again last night and someone called just as I finished posting.

They came to get them all last night.

Poppy, she won 1st place at the County Fair! She is a beautiful doeling and very sweet.

Lilly, she’s pretty, too. But not as pretty as Poppy. What she lacks in conformation she more than makes up in personality. A total sweetheart!

Lucky, we thought we were going to keep him because he is adorable! But he is also an escape artist who manages to get out of the buck pen at least twice a day. He gets his head caught in fences, and under fences. And he is a big tease when we try to catch him. So we’re keeping his brother, Banjo, instead.

Jack is a 2-year old wether. We can’t keep too many goats and Vet2Be decided to  keep Banjo, so Jack needed a new home. He’s personable and easy going. Doesn’t challenge fences, likes people without trying to run them over–a nice all around pet goat.

I listed them extremely cheap ($50 for each doeling, $25 for each wether). The first person that called wanted to know if they took all four…..

I said, “Please don’t ask me to go any lower on the price. These are spectacular animals at an extraordinary price.” I probably should have hung up on her at that point.

They seem like nice people. The goats will have 100+ acres to run on, but really!?!?!? Lower the price?!?!?!

Another family called while I was talking to the first family. Vet2Be wishes I would have sold the goats to them. Next time his phone number is going in the add and he can interview the people that call about his goats. He’s right, the family that bought them have no idea of the quality of the goats they just bought.

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