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Some Show Photos

Just a few photos from the the two county fairs that Vet2Be took his goats to.

We have some great friends who let us borrow their little trailer. It carried 3 adult does and 2 kids to the shows. The truck is Hubby’s work truck and we were so happy it was back from Texas so we could use it to pull the trailer.

Waiting for the Showmanship class. Vet2Be hates showing. But he needs to be able to show that he is really interested in large animals since the veterinarian clinic he works at only works with small animals. Vet2Be is usually a good sport about showing, though.

In the Showmanship Ring with Pearl. He came in 4th place with the 4H division, 7th place overall.
Here is one of his two favorite doelings. She did great at the first county fair, taking 1st place in her class and Grand Champion in her Division. The Judge had a hard time deciding between Annie and another doeling for Best in Show. She picked the other doeling, but we were all happy with how well Annie did. She didn’t do quite as well at the second show, coming in 4th, but the judge said he thought she was going to be a showy doe in the ring next year!
My ‘prize’ for the week. While I was helping Vet2Be clip Annie for the show, I didn’t have a good enough hold on her and she jumped up and hit her head on the corner of my eyebrow. I kept an ice pack on it for over an hour. Hubby asked if I needed stitches. I told him that I didn’t get stitches on my chin and I didn’t have time to get stitches on my eye. I put 3 steri-strips on it and a band-aid over it.

Our List of What to Bring To the Show
I wish I had been given a list of things to bring to a show. Vet2Be’s 4H leader is very good about sharing when I forget something. I wanted to have a list somewhere to remind me next year of what to bring.  Just in case someone else needs a list, too, here it is:

  • Shampoo or shampoo mixed with water in a spray bottle
  • short leash for the wash area
  • short hose for the wash area
  • 2 or three old towels (for washing)
  • brushes
  • clippers and extension cord
  • scissors
  • baling twine 
  • 2 or 3 biners or clips
  • 2 or 3 bungee cords
  • ADGA goat registration papers
  • camp chairs
  • extra water bottles and snacks in a cooler
  • hay (or alfalfa pellets if your goat is used to pellets)
  • milk stand (with wheels if you can put some  on!)
  • milking pail and milking equipment
  • a cooler with ice if you want to bring the milk home. We freeze water in an old 2-liter soda bottle.
  • buckets! 5 gallon for water in the stall and a few small ones for grain on the milk stand or …. we brought 3 small buckets and used every one of them.
  • 4H Project Book
  • Snow shovel or manure fork for cleaning the stall when you are done (if you have room for a wheelbarrow in the truck, that is a helpful, not only for cleaning the stall but for moving your stuff around at the show)
  • some cash…. just in case of emergency
  • First Aid kit
  • Sunscreen and a hat if you live someplace you will be out in the sun alot.

Oh, and don’t forget the goats! Actually, Vet2Be’s 4H leader’s daughter forgot to bring one of her goats to one of the shows! We don’t bring very many so it’s hard to forget one for us, but they brought 10!

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