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Sparky’s Tail

We didn’t dock Sparky’s tail in the spring. She was a bit late as a lamb, and then the summer got away from us. Our friend, Sheepy, said she has docked tails on sheep that were as old as three years. Sheep are generally healthier, have an easier time breeding, and have an easier time lambing when their tail is docked.

We waited until fly season was over before docking her tail. Poor thing! If it wasn’t best for them, we probably wouldn’t do it.

I trimmed a little near the caudil fold of her tail. That’s where her fleece is white.
Before banding, Sparky got a tetnus antitoxin shot just to be on the safe side. I also soaked the band in iodine for just a moment before I placed it on her tail. Vet2Be held her while I banded.
Sparky loves Vet2Be and is hiding between his legs even though he was the one that held her while I did the nasty part.

Sparky in front and Mandy in back. The two lambs that Vet2Be bottle-fed this spring.

Just in case you are wondering if Sparky got flighty after banding her tail. She didn’t. She still comes running when Vet2Be calls her. Every evening she asks to come in the barn and get a petting from Vet2Be, sometimes she even gets a treat!

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