Welcome back! Happy 100th Day of School!

I hope you had fun playing in the snow last week. There was a lot of it!

Your teacher told me that the only questions you have been writing down are, “Do you have a pig?” and “Do you have a horse?” Since I’ve already answered those questions I won’t take time to answer them again.

You are all smart enough to think of other questions!

*     *     *     *     *

Wow! It’s cold outside! It’s a nice day to do chores, then work on indoor projects.

I thought you might like to see some spinning so Matt took a few short videos for you to look at.

This video is really short. Can you see my foot pedaling? It’s making the wheel on the spinning wheel go around and around. 

The wheel is attached to the pedal by a short cord.

When my foot works the pedal, the pedal pushes the wheel around.

This is what happens to the wool when I’m spinning it into yarn.
You’ll have to watch very closely to see how the yarn winds onto the bobbin.
When the bobbin is full, I take it off and start a new bobbin.
Today was a short post, but it took me a while to put it together. I had to take my spinning wheel out, clean off all the dust, grease it so that it would spin, and put on a new cord! I haven’t had time to spin on my spinning wheel for quite a few years. 
Every year at Christmas I spin on a drop spindle at the Alpine Living Nativity. It’s a lot of fun to answer people’s questions and let them watch me.
Here is a ‘fun fact’ 
Did you know Mrs. Hahn used to spin, too? She did! She wanted to learn how when she was younger so we both took a class together on spinning wool into yarn.
If you have questions about spinning, I hope you write them down and send them to me. Or if you are reading this online, please ask your question in the comment section. I’d love to answer you!
Have a great 100th Day of School, and have a great week, too!

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