Spray Painting the Chickens

Not real chickens!

I bought this rooster and the matching hen for $7 at the local thrift store. It was probably a bit much, but I really wanted to try spray painting them to see how they would turn out.

I scrubbed them both down with an SOS pad until most of the rough paint was gone. I had to let them dry for a few days to make sure all the water was out of the ceramic part. I didn’t let the rooster dry long enough and had to sand some spray paint bubbles off and do some touch-up painting.

Here they are spray painted and drying!

I used Krylon (not usually my favorite) in Dover White. I didn’t want a bright white, so this color was perfect. If I could have found Rust Oleum Heirloom White I would have used that instead because I really like Rust Oleum spray paint best.

I told Vet2Be that when I was done with them he could use them for target practice. For now they are going to sit on the kitchen table, or maybe on the counter.

Taking up space…..

and giving me one more thing to dust…..

but that’s okay because I wanted a little bit of ‘Farm Pretty’ for the kitchen.

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