Starting Another Garden

I’m not much of a gardener. I’d rather be playing guitar. But… we give it a try every year in hopes that one day…. we will have more from our garden than we can eat in one evening meal.

So we’re trying again.

Hubby bought a little greenhouse from Costco this year in hopes that we can actually grow some good vegies.

Seriously… some years even the zucchini don’t make it.

Inside the greenhouse are some plants that I traded with a friend for some books I wasn’t going to use.

The ones in the little grow box are some that I planted. Chances of them germinating? We’ll see. It hasn’t been very warm in the greenhouse. We currently have a lamp with a 60 watt bulb in it to help on the nights that it gets down to freezing.
Here are the hopes and dreams for the coming summer.  They are in the peoplehouse instead of the greenhouse because most of their packets said they had to germinate at 80˚F, which doesn’t really happen in the house. But the greenhouse hasn’t gotten that warm since we put it up last Saturday.

I make some nice plant headstones, though! Okay… they are supposed to be plant markers.

Vet2Be has a green thumb. Any year he has helped we have been able to get a few dinners out of the garden.

You would think that with 15 years of manure and straw mulched into the garden we would all have green thumbs! Nope, I still have a brown thumb.

Last fall Vet2Be’s little fruit tree was blown over in the wind. Hubby thought there was no way it would make it. Vet2Be tied it to some rocks and we let it stay through the winter.

Good ole’ baling twine and a few big rocks.
Wouldn’t you know…. it was the first tree to bloom this year! That’s because I didn’t touch it.

So… guess who is going to get to do most of the weeding this year 🙂 Not me! Okay, okay… I’ll help.

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