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Stew Gets a Hair Cut!

Stew, the sheep was sheared last week.
Big fuzz ball…..

Ready for summer!

He was so glad to have his heavy winter coat off that he was rubbing everything!

Remi, the steer, has a wart near his eye. Everything that I’ve read said this is common, and that it will go away within the next few months.

After reading this page, I was not worried about it.

Since it’s spring, both Echo and Remi have really sloppy ‘pies.’ I’m not sure if they have coccidiosis or if it’s all the fresh grass. We’ve been dosing them with Corid for the recommended time just in case it’s coccidiosis. Corid is one of the medications that we don’t worry about using in the beef we eat. It’s one of the drugs that’s approved by the FDA for prevention and treatment of coccidiosis.

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