Storytelling Festival Stay-cation

I hope you had a great week! We were at Timpanogos Storytelling Festival at Thanksgiving Point last week. 

The flowers were beautiful!

The stories were wonderful!
So many people were having fun just like us!

I had so much fun looking at the fish by the Monet Gardens.
*     *     *     *     *
One of the fun things about the storytelling festival I don’t need to find anyone to take care of the farm, and we get to sleep in our own beds instead of a hotel.
I still get to see Chuck’s silly face when he’s waiting for breakfast.
I get to see Side Kick every day.
I think he’s a beautiful sheep.

Can you tell the difference between sheep and goats? Look at their ears.

Sheep have ears that point out to the side.

Goats have ears that hang down like a dog, OR they have ears that point up.

Lilly is being silly.
She loves to stand up on top of the dog-gloo to see who is in the barn.
*     *     *     *     *
We have a black hen who really, really wants to hatch out some chicks!

She has been sitting on a nest in the corner for about a month. I take away the eggs every evening, but she keeps sitting on the nest.

I decided to leave some eggs for her to hatch out.

I have to mark every egg that she’s sitting on because the other hens will still lay eggs on her nest. I want to know which ones to leave with mother hen and which eggs to take into the house each night.

These eggs should hatch in 21 days. Not all the eggs will hatch. I let her start sitting on the eggs on September 11. What day will it be 21 days from September 11?

Sometimes I’m really lucky and I can watch one of the eggs hatch out! I always take a video if I do. I know that you like watching those things, too.

*     *     *     *     *
When we have our Storytelling Festival Stay-cation, we don’t have to find someone to watch the dogs, either.
Mishka always has energy in the morning!
She loves to run and jump and play.

Someone still takes her for a walk at night because she has so much energy.

Mishka is tired after her 3 mile walk.

No worries! She’ll be full of energy and ‘zoomies’ in the morning just like you!

I hope you tried to do something that you weren’t sure you could do this week. I wasn’t sure I was going to get all the chores done and get all my other work done because we had so much to do! I did my best and all the important things got done!

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