Swirl Baby Blanket

I found this pattern at Diana Natters On… The woman is absolutely amazing! I am so grateful to all her videos and all her machine knitting information. And it’s all free! She also sells some of her video courses on DVD so that you can see it in high definition instead of the lower quality YouTube videos, but all of the videos can also be seen for free.

Here is the Swirl Baby Blanket from the link above. It was surprisingly easy. But that’s because Diana shows you exactly what to do every step of the way. Every step is very clear, too.

I love winter! It’s the slow-down time when I can sit and quilt and knit and catch up on projects in the house. I also spend a fair amount of time practicing piano, guitar, and choir (I’m the choir director for our local church). It’s a time to catch up and rest before the busy summer season starts.

I haven’t been very good at blogging lately. I’m planning on getting back to it a bit more. But our daughter and her husband are living next door with his parents and the situation is not good over there. She spends alot of time over here just chatting and taking a break.

My plan is to blog three times a week from now on. I like the record that blogging leaves. I can look back over the week or the month or the year and realize I really DID get something accomplished!

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